FEG 00

by Banyek




Elektronika EM-25 > Allsound amp > Moog Slim Phatty
Grendel Formant Filter (modulated by DUSG)


Korg ES-1>Doepfer MSY2>4ms QCD(+expander)

4ms QCD AND combination with A-135-1

ch#1 red
ch#2 Erica Synths Black VC Clock (modulated by DUSG ch#2 [ch1 is triggered by QCD blue clock, ch#1 end out triggers ch#1] which also modulates the cutoff with ch1 through A-138p):
ch#3 blue (a slower, kind of a gatekeeper clock signal, when adjusting the PWM, more bursts are let in from the other clock signals)

A-135-1 #ch1 #ch2 is xfading by an A-147 (reset by) the QCD green clock


released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


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Banyek Budapest, Hungary


Producer/live performer working and living in Budapest, Hungary.

...an all-analog audio signal path, which is continuously expanding...

Past gigs
Sónar 2004 - Barcelona
NEWNEW Festival '06 + '08 - Brno
SPERM Festival '07 - Prague
BommBomm Series @ Mono Klub (RIP)
Budapest Micro - Budapest
Dubstep Is Fun! Series @ Grund Bar - Budapest
Debstep - Debrecen
Bassment - Budapest
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